Exercises and instruments used are universally accepted for their reliability and validity and the feedback reports are personalised. Feedback coaching skills are brought into play to ensure that executives gain a holistic understanding.

Most importantly, they walk out of the Centre feeling vulnerable AND hopeful; challenged AND respected.

We have experience of rolling out Centres for IT, Steel, Engineering; Spirits and Retail companies in India.

Our certifications in a basket of instruments (HOGAN’s, MBTI Step II, BELBIN Team Role, Workplace Big 5, Life Styles Inventory, DiSC, PAPI, SKILLSCOPE and KEYS to Creativity) help us to help our clients in taking the best decision.

We work with clients on team profiles as well as on areas like Organisation culture and Values. These are used for helping key stakeholders gain better understanding of group behaviors and thereby using it to decide actionables that will improve performance and culture.

Benefits of these diagnostics can be - increased consciousness at a personal level; heightened interpersonal sensitivity; better working relationships; better alignment to goals; reduced conflicts (interpersonal / inter departmental) and greater willingness to express points of view.

These assessments work well in environments - where the Leadership Team has strong alignment and commitment on the 'urgency' to change. Additionally, they have a 'long term view' of the investments of the resources required.

Critical Role Evaluation, Assessment and Mentoring.

This engagement involves identification of critical roles in a team or department or Organisation based on certain parameters (skill availability in the market; impact of absence; dependency of other functions, compensation percentile; engagement of current talent; bench strength among others).

These findings are validated with the Business / HR and an assessment process is deployed to segment the available pool of talent (internal / external). Thereafter a mentoring / coaching program is put in place to ensure sustained alignment through a predefined period (9months - 12 months).

Likely benefit

We believe that such engagements generate debate in the organisation, which could result in systemic changes from HR or Business; instead of HR having to do the analysis themselves and then share it with the Business. It also helps maintain the neutrality of the HR function.

What if its not done ?

  • In the process of daily business operations, taking eyes off key talent in key roles can be a serious loss of face, besides significant business and social impact.
  • It can put undue stress on the Business or the Hiring team, if key role attritions are a surprise.
  • A compromise candidate can take over a role to meet process guidelines (ex : When a high performing and well settled Actuary, quits an Insurance firm).
  • There is unspoken uncertainty within the team or among the key talent.

Time Commitment

From start to finish, it could be a 12month engagement (X days per month, with higher number of days in the first month). For a group of 20 executives, the investment would be approximately 3 days in a month. This would include assessment, coaching for each executive besides a monthly report on their progress; their sense of engagement and the support required, besides new ideas based on our research.

As another version, individual modules can be chosen from the three (Critical Role Identification, Assessment, Mentoring) for making decisions.


Individual executive + Manager + Skip Level Manager / CEO + HR Leadership Team


"Dear Kingshuk, The programme went very well. You really had some innovative ways to explain Performance Management. Further you have "Well Straightened" the myths on "Bell Curve".

K.Sendhil Naathan
Vice President

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