We work with senior management executives across industries and geographies. We resonate with the school of thought, that says 'The Coachee always has the answer'. We facilitate the process by investing in understanding the context and constantly aligning; meeting the coachee in 'their' world.

Coachees have many stakeholders to align with (whether at work or outside). We respect this challenge and follow this with a gentle approach by probing, being the mirror that will be helpful and walking alongside, till the coachee says - Gotcha !

For coaching to be effective, there has to be a 'gap' as seen by the coachee.

Engagements range in duration from 3 months to 12 months. We have been trained by Marshall Goldsmith and certified by RESULTS COACHING SYSTEMS.


This is a standalone 4 hr session for executives with 12+ years of experience. In these four hours, the executive has an opportunity to discuss the next 20 years of their career :

  • What are their strengths ?
  • What kind of financial planning needs to be done, to plan a second innings ?
  • What inspires them ?
  • What are their biggest concerns ? How to identify help, around us, and much more.
  • What legacy would they like to leave behind ?

How does it work ?

  • Thereafter, if you wish to continue the engagement further, you will be very welcome.
  • However, you will be under no obligation to extend, beyond our first meeting.
  • You are provided with a choice of multiple personality / career profiling instruments.
  • This program will be available for people in three categories - 12+ years experience; 15+ years experience and 20+ years of experience.
  • We mutually agree on a 4 hr time / date / venue.
  • This 4 hr session will be complete in itself
  • The chosen instruments will be administered before the session.
  • You’ll also be invited to complete a Personal Information Document, where you can mention your areas of interest.
  • On the designated day, we will have a 1:1 (confidential) discussion.

Likely benefit

These conversations can be very revealing (subject to our investment of time and thought process) for the executive and at times, one conversation can alter the course of life.

What if its not done ?

  • Life can continue to go along, as it has been for many of us.
  • If the going has not been to our satisfaction, the dissatisfaction may prolong.
  • Our unhappiness could impact family members, friends and career.

Time Commitment

1 day for pre work (Personality Instrument + Personal details) + Half day (1 : 1 Discussion)


Individual executive + Nominated stakeholders (peers, team members, Manager, family members)



"Kingshuk has the ability to build trust and confidence in the system and process of coaching. His experience, approach and candor in facilitating these kinds of discussions is remarkable. We continue to leverage his expertise in similar areas and it’s an absolute pleasure doing business with him.".

Group Manager - Organisational Effectiveness
Fortune 100 Company (Retail)



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