These are classroom programs where there are clear learning objectives that are addressed through a structured presentation. We cover the designated topics, using learning tools like presenting; case studies, activities, role plays, audio and video sessions. The setting is usually formal. This is useful in environments where 'specific' learning objectives have to be imparted to a group. These objectives could be around specific skills, or around firm wide initiatives (Performance Management, People Management, Organisation Values).

These sessions are most effective - when the participants have been mapped accurately to the session learning objectives and the ambience of the venue encourages learning, laughter, dialog and sharing.

These are Business Offsites and Outbound programs that involve group work, physically and mentally challenging activities and occasional unstructured settings.

This is useful in environments where some context has to be created within a group or a team. Context could be better interpersonal understanding; understanding the need for any kind of change, articulation of a new direction and better communication and the like.

These sessions are most effective - when the participants get to spend time together in a formal and informal setting (involving overnight stay); and the ambience of the venue encourages learning, laughter, dialog and sharing.

It is best done within 120 days for a New Leader, who has taken over a team. It’s usually a one day session, accompanied with personality profiling and involves the participation of key stakeholders of the New Leader.

Within 120 days into the role, both the Leader and the team member form perceptions about each other based on selective data and conversations. The NMA session allows all members, to share their expectations and concerns in a safe, confidential and structured set up, so that it is helpful for everybody.

We have experience of conducting nearly 30 NMA sessions across BPOs, KPOs and Life Insurance Companies, including establishing it as a Global Best Practice in AXA in 2010.

These programs, besides any other topic of your interest, can be delivered at a venue of your choice (Office, Hotel), besides venues of our choice.

We receive requests from families to do sessions in their Apartment Complexes / Club Houses / Housing Societies, because its logistically and economically viable. We welcome you to evaluate such options.

  • Know your partner; know yourself (using MBTI / Workplace Big 5 )
  • Performance Appraisal - Making it memorable
  • Influencing your CEO
  • Managing your Boss
  • Executive Presence - how it can impact careers
  • Managing difficult meetings
  • Presenting to your CEO
  • Managing a difficult conversation.
  • Winning the trust of a team member.
  • My experience in setting up an HR Consulting practice.
  • Assertive Behavior
  • Managing Time - is history; You have to manage something else !


"Dear Kingshuk, The programme went very well. You really had some innovative ways to explain Performance Management. Further you have "Well Straightened" the myths on "Bell Curve".

K.Sendhil Naathan
Vice President

(Marketing & Business Development) Diversified Industrial Business Group with USD 20 billion revenues



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