About 10 years back, a firm had set up its low cost Accounting Centre in a city northwest of India. The Centre was led by a a very high performing Manager and he was being discussed as a future leader of the firm in the next few years. There was a big buzz around him, wherever he went and people wanted to emulate him in all aspects.

One day, for the site's 2nd anniversary, the Head Office at Gurgaon decided to organise a function at the city (in the north west state) and invited all the top leaders from across the firm's other global locations.

The keynote address was to be given by the Asia Pacific Business Leader and the guests on stage were other senior leaders, including the HR Head of the firm's India operations. In the audience, as expected, the Site Leader sat, along with his team members in the front row.

As the APAC Leader started speaking and was into his main part of the speech, there was a phone ring. The Site Leader stood up, apologised and walked out quietly, to take the call. He came back after few minutes. Thereafter, he sent few messages while continuing to listen to the Leader address. He took two more calls, before the session ended, and was seen sending some more messages later.

After the function and the Q&A session, the APAC Leader met the HR Leader and asked about the person, who had walked out during the Leadership Address.

The HR Leader said, 'Oh yes ! He is the Site Leader and one of our high performers. We are looking him to head the next big role, across cities?'

The APAC Leader said, 'Is there any exigency, that he was attending ?'

The HR Leader said - 'Nothing that I know of. If it was a big issue, we would know. But, why do you ask ?'

The APAC Leader said - 'No...its not a big issue. I worry that someone who is so busy, even to attend a 30minute function about his site and has invited guests, how would he ever manage multiple sites ?'

As you guessed, that was the end of a promotion discussion of the Site Leader.


"Dear Kingshuk, The programme went very well. You really had some innovative ways to explain Performance Management. Further you have "Well Straightened" the myths on "Bell Curve".

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