In this engagement, we will connect you with bright students from HR, Marketing, Finance and Engineering to connect with you on a periodic basis. You will have a choice of profiles, background and their abilities.

Reverse mentoring allows us to see the world from the Millenial’s point of view, giving us the edge at our workplace and making all the difference between a high performer who can thrive with a young workforce versus an image of someone, who is inflexible, disconnected and ineffective in getting projects off the ground. Students chosen by us will be coached and trained by us on the methodology. These students are likely to have work experience in top organisations across geographies.

Connects will be on phone or in person, as the logistics allow.

Likely benefit

Reverse mentoring provides the opportunity to learn / experiment / test those hypotheses that we are shy of trying at the workplace. It also provides the confidentiality and neutrality, that allows for more objective assessment of the situation.

What if its not done?

  • Executives can lose out on the insights that can help them manage the new reality of Millenials.
  • Executives may find it difficult to compensate this skill gap, by reading books or attending classroom programs.
  • The Gen Y workforce, that is high on mobility would move to environments, where they can thrive, instead of working with Managers who are not open to feedback.

Time Commitment

This engagement is likely to take between 2 months to 6 months on an average, for habit formation to take place. In some cases, few conversations would suffice. Each monthly connect / fortnightly connect can be for 30mins - 60 mins.


The Executive (as mentee); the Gen Y Mentor; HR (as a facilitator of the process)


"Dear Kingshuk, The programme went very well. You really had some innovative ways to explain Performance Management. Further you have "Well Straightened" the myths on "Bell Curve".

K.Sendhil Naathan
Vice President

(Marketing & Business Development) Diversified Industrial Business Group with USD 20 billion revenues



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