I started the session and we moved towards the Lunch Break. One person in the audience was extremely aggressive - frequently interrupting, doing side talks and kept negating any discussion that was happening in the class.

After Lunch Break, the participants came back on time, except this person.

He came about 12 - 15 mins late.

To make a point about punctuality, I confronted him - 'You are late; Any specific reason ?'

He was quite casual - 'Yeah, I know. I tried, but couldn't help a small delay'

I said - 'Would you be on time, when we reassemble, after the afternoon tea break ?'

He said - 'I will try; I can't promise'

I continued - 'Are you happy with this approach that you have towards time, and others ?'

He said - 'Yeah, Ofcourse. I see no issue'

I said - 'Would you like to do a small exercise ?' He agreed.

I said - Suppose you had your mom who (God forbid) was unwell, and she was hospitalised. And, lets assume, she had visiting hours from 7pm to 7.30pm. Would you be on time, to meet her ?'

I was quite surprised by his response. He said - 'I will try. I am not sure'.

I said - 'Would you be ok calling your mom now and telling her that you'll try to meet her in hospital?'

Now, he was quiet.

I did not probe any further. The session got over. He returned from the afternoon tea break on time.

As the participants were leaving for the day, he walked up to me - very slowly.

When he was close enough, he said - 'I will have to change myself. I can't go on like this'

I said - 'I wish you all the best for travelling such a distance in such a short time. Thank you for sharing'.

Today, its been almost 9 months. I am sure, he has travelled much further - much beyond onsites, codes and increments !


"Dear Kingshuk, The programme went very well. You really had some innovative ways to explain Performance Management. Further you have "Well Straightened" the myths on "Bell Curve".

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